Reserved: Cx-904L/Web Base plate
Reserved: Cx-904L/Web Base plate
Reserved: Cx-904L/Web Base plate

Reserved: Cx-904L/Web Base plate

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The Cx-904L/Web plates, these plates will fit on your Cx-904L/Web razors. Choose from 1 of 4 available 904L stainless steel base plates. Based on customer feedback, we are excited to now offer some new options to customize your shave. We offer 4 options of 904L stainless steel base plates for you to choose from based on your shaving preference.

Technical Specification:

  • Original Base Plate = .68 mm blade gap (Medium/Aggressive)
  • -/Mild Base Plate = .71 mm blade gap (Mild)
  • + Base Plate = .88mm blade gap
  • ++ Base Plate = 1.08mm blade gap
  • ~9.4 grams total weight
  • All base plates have positive blade exposure
  • High Polish Finish - Some machine marks are visible. Some scratches also exist. These can be seen on critical dimensions and when magnified.

Some notes to help you pick your base plate:

Original Base Plate -  This is our current design configuration. It’s still my personal favorite and has a .68mm with positive blade exposure. This design offers a lot of user control with positive blade exposure. For a milder shave, you can change the angle or “ride the cap” for sensitive parts like the neck. For other areas, you can still have a good amount of efficiency.

- Base Plate(NEW) -  This is our newest base plate. If you have sensitive skin, prefer less blade feel, have fine hair or just enjoy a mild shave, this is the one. Head shavers have enjoyed this one. This plate has our least blade exposure and a .71mm blade gap.

+ Base Plate -  We reduced the blade exposure and increased the gap to .88mm. This is a nice option if you only shave every 2-3 days, as the larger gap allows for this. Early feedback has been positive for those that prefer less blade exposure, but enjoy the efficiency of a larger gap.

++ Base Plate -  This one is for those who like a very efficient option. This plate is still with positive blade exposure, but has less exposure than the + Base Plate. This razor has a larger 1.08mm gap. If you have thick hair and shave every 4-5 days or just like an efficient razor, this would be the one.

Reserved: Cx-904L/Web Base plate