Choosing the Perfect Base Plate for Your Luxury Carbon Cx Safety Razor: A Comprehensive Guide

I am often asked which carbon base plate is best. I have even considered removing one or two of the base plates from our options to make answering this question easier, but I don’t think this is the right answer. Each of our base plates offers a shaving solution for our customers depending on their preferences.

When it comes to achieving the perfect shave, the right tools are paramount. As a purveyor of luxury safety razors, we understand that the shaving experience is highly personal and varies from one individual to another. Our range of base plates including the Original, Mild, +, and ++, cater to diverse shaving preferences and needs. In this guide, we'll help you navigate these options, we will also consider razor blade choice as a critical factor in optimizing and refining your shaving experience. The base plate is an important choice, but blade choice will also expand the range of what ever base plate you choose.

Kai double edge safety razor blades reflection on mirror polished carbon shaving safety razor

I chose not to include the shaving soap, pre-shave oil or after shave balm as variables in this guide but I will say, choose a quality shave soap!

Finding a combination that works for you will help reduce razor burn, uncomfortable shaves, ingrown hairs and allow for a smoother, healthier skin. Let's delve into the details to find the ideal combination that suits your shaving style.

Understanding Our Base Plates

Each of our unique base plate options are configured slightly different, some have larger blade gaps and some have more blade exposure. These measurements and differences are small ranging from .001mm to .5mm and can only be achieved through precision machining. All our Cx models single edge-DE safety razors feature a "pinch design" which holds the blade firmly at the top and bottom of the double edge razor blade, allowing you to experience each blades characteristics uniquely. I describe the differences in base plates more:

Pinch design for maximum blade rigidity

Original Base Plate

Blade Gap: 0.68mm
Blade Feel/Exposure: The most positive/most blade feel

The Original Base Plate is our pioneering design, offering a distinctive blade feel. With a 0.68mm blade gap and the most positive blade exposure of all our plates, it provides significant user control and blade feel. This configuration is excellent for those who prefer a more tactile shaving experience. If you are wanting a barber shop type shave done with a straight razor, this is a good option. It's especially suitable for individuals with coarse hair due to its efficiency in cutting through tougher strands. However, if you have sensitive skin, you might find this plate feels a bit aggressive. For a milder shave on sensitive areas like the neck, adjusting the angle to "ride the cap" will reduce the blade feel. With this base plate you can control how much of the blade you feel by adjusting your technique and angle.

Mild Base Plate

Blade Gap: 0.71mm
Blade Feel/Exposure: The least positive/least blade feel

The Mild Base Plate is designed for those with sensitive skin or fine hair, offering the least blade exposure and a 0.71mm blade gap. This plate is ideal for head shavers and those who prefer a gentle shaving experience. If you shave daily or have curly hair, this base plate provides a comfortable shave without irritation. Its mild nature makes it a perfect choice for those new to safety razors or anyone who values a less aggressive shave.

+ Base Plate

Blade Gap: 0.88mm
Blade Exposure: Medium blade exposure

The + Base Plate strikes a balance between mildness and efficiency. It has a larger 0.88mm blade gap and reduced blade exposure, compared to the Original. It has more blade feel than the mild, this plate is suitable for those who still prefer blade feel and still seek high efficiency. It's an excellent choice for individuals with dense hair or those who shave every 2-3 days. The + Base Plate still offers user control, allowing adjustments in technique and blade choice to tailor the shaving experience. For those who like horse power but might not use it everyday...this is a good base plate for you.

++ Base Plate

Blade Gap: 1.08mm
Blade Exposure: Medium to low blade feel

For those who desire maximum efficiency, the ++ Base Plate is the ultimate choice, we maximized efficiency and smoothness. With our largest 1.08mm blade gap and positive blade exposure, it excels in cutting through coarse hair and is ideal for those who shave every 4-5 days or more. While this plate provides less blade exposure than the + Base Plate, it still offers a significant amount of user control, making it suitable for experienced shavers who enjoy a highly efficient shave.

What is the best carbon shaving co base plate

Graphic image of relative blade gaps and blade exposure between our base plates. The dotted lines represent the shaving plane(skin surface).


Matching Razor Blades to Base Plates

Carbon Shaving Co recomended base plates - Astra Double edge razor, Kai double edge razor, Gillette Blue double edge razor and Gillette Nacet double edge razor

A lot of my enthusiast customers have a double edge blade they prefer and have used in the past, using it can provide a good benchmark and allow you to learn the characteristics of a safety razor. For us we use the Astra blades as a benchmark, we used this blade during prototyping and it is a solid performer and an affordable brand for frequent changing.

The type of razor blade you use can significantly impact your shaving experience. Choosing the right blade will help over come shaving problems including razor burn, ingrown hair and achieving a smoother, irritation free shave.

Here are the razor blades my customers and I recommend and how they pair with our base plates:

Gillette Nacet

Characteristics: Milder feel
Best Matches: Mild, Original

Gillette Nacet blades are known for their smoothness and mildness, making them an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin. Paired with the Mild Base Plate, they provide an exceptionally gentle shave, perfect for daily use or for those new to safety razors. When used with the Original Base Plate, they help to balance the blade feel of the plate, making it more suitable for users with moderate to coarse hair who still prefer a touch of efficiency when needed.


Characteristics: Popular and affordable
Best Matches: All plates

Astra blades are a popular choice due to their affordability and performance. They pair well with all our plates, offering a good balance of efficiency, comfort and affordability. This combination is ideal for those with dense hair or for users who shave less frequently. When paired with any of our plates, Astra double edge blades deliver a highly efficient shave, perfect for cutting through coarse hair with ease. This blade provides a good benchmark for my recommendations listed in this blog, you can add more smoothness and/or efficiency with other blade options including the Gillette Nacet, Gillette Blue or Kai options.

Kai Blades

Characteristics: Slightly wider and stiffer blade, more expensive
Best Matches: Mild, ++

Japanese Kai blades are renowned for their quality, being slightly wider and stiffer than typical DE or Double edge blades. They excel when used with the Mild Base Plate, providing a precise and efficient shave for those looking for a little more horsepower with the Mild plate. Paired with the ++ Base Plate, Kai blades offer an unparalleled efficient shave, making them ideal for experienced users who appreciate a highly effective shaving tool. I can shave off a 3 month beard with this combination, with relative ease, the added exposure allows under the nose trimming and defining edges to be a breeze.

Gillette Blue

Characteristics: Milder feel
Best Matches: Original, +

Similar to the Nacet, Gillette Blue double edge blades offer a very smooth shaving experience. These blades also work well with the Original Base Plate, ensuring a comfortable shave for those needing a daily shave. When used with the + Base Plate, they provide a balanced efficient shave with a smooth feel, suitable for users who have normal hair and prefer shaving every 2-3 days.

The above are just a few suggestions and combinations, other brands include Feather double edge blades, Shark, Bic, Personna and many, many more double edge blade options. If you are looking for more options, we recommend you get a sample pack online for further exploration, with out committing to a box of a 100 blades. I talk a lot more about DE razor blades here.

Finding Your Perfect Shaving Combination

Shaving Base Plate choices - DLC Base plate

Choosing the right base plate and razor blade combination also involves considering your skin type, hair type, and shaving frequency. Here are some scenarios to help you decide and refine your perfect shave:

1. Sensitive Skin and Fine Hair (Ever Day Shave) 

Base Plate Recommendation: Mild Base Plate with Gillette Nacet or Gillette Blue blades.
Why: This combination ensures a gentle, irritation-free shave suitable for daily use. If you prefer a little more efficiency, less passes and don't shave everyday because of sensitive skin, the + with a Nacet or Blue would be another alternative combination.

2. Coarse Hair and Frequent Shaving (Every 2-3 Days)

Base Plate Recommendation: + Base Plate with Astra blades.
Why: The balance of efficiency and comfort makes this setup ideal for course hair and regular shaving intervals. The Original would be a step up with its added blade exposure.

3. Occasional Shaving (Every 4-5 Days)

Base Plate Recommendation: ++ Base Plate with a Nacet blade.
Why: For those who shave less frequently, have thick hair or grow hair quick, this combination provides a highly efficient and smooth shave. Add a Kai blade when you want the horse power.

4. Versatile Shaving Needs

Base Plate Recommendation: ++ or Original Base Plate with a few different double edge blade options for maximum range.
Why: For users who need versatility and like user control, this setup offers a balanced yet efficient shaving experience. With some practice on your technique and finding the double edge blade that fits your mood and need, you have a lot of options with a wide range to adjust your experience.

Feather and Kai double edge razor blades are the most effecient


Selecting the right base plate and razor blade combination can transform your shaving routine into a luxurious experience. By understanding and exploring the nuances of each double edge razor blade, you can achieve a shave that is tailored to your unique needs. Whether you have sensitive skin, coarse hair, or require a versatile shaving tool, our range of base plates and recommended blades provide the perfect solution. Embrace the art of shaving with our luxury safety razors and discover the optimal combination that brings out the best in your grooming routine. If you have more specific questions feel free to reach out, we are happy to help!

Remember, the right tools make all the difference. Thanks for the consideration...Happy shaving!

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