About Us

Our Story:

Carbon Shaving Co.™ was founded by a husband and wife team. In 2017 we first began developing our design for the ultimate, premium safety razor. We are a small studio based out of Minneapolis that uses next generation technology to create authentic, lasting products that are worthy of being called an heirloom. Our goal is to pay homage to great designs of the past while utilizing modern craftsmanship, design and materials. They’re not disposable...We create authentic, unique products that our customers are proud to own.

Carbon Shaving Co. started in Minneapolis, home to some of the best device innovation, machining and technology capabilities in the world. They call it the device capital of the world for a reason. Our manufacturing and finishing is all done in house or within 2 hours of Minneapolis, so we can tightly manage quality control and tap into leading edge craftsmanship.

Our causes:
We want our small business to support causes that are also important to us, like reducing single use plastic and removing plastics in the ocean. We are proud to say that the products we make help address this problem. Our business gives us a chance to make an impact, albeit small, but we take this opportunity very seriously.