About Us - The Carbon Shaving Co. Manifesto:

    1. We are a small shop based in Minneapolis MN, all our Cx razors are machined and finished in town. Made in the USA...we like it that way!
    2. We believe a shave should not be a burden but a moment to enjoy, reflect, contemplate and cheer for yourself.
    3. We believe a high polish finish is the best finish for a safety razor. There are no short cuts…you start with 220 grit and you work your way up from there to hand polishing.
    4. We believe too many men are having bad shaves with plastic disposable razors or electric shavers...they are looking for something better.
    5. We believe in sourcing our material locally, when we can and always responsibly...that is why we don’t use badger hair in our shaving knots.
    6. We believe all men have the desire for a good shave, it’s the one thing we have in common regardless of our race or country of origin and yet everyone has a shaving preference and we offer those options…..happy to help.
    7. We believe our product reduces single use plastic usage, yet we have no one in DC lobbying for us.
    8. The only discount we give is to active military, military vets, smoke eaters and cops...thank you, we appreciate your service. No discount for politicians...
    9. We believe our safety razor or shavers are the best razors ever made...no plans to make the cheapest. Luxury watch maker Patek Philippe said it best “You never really own our pieces. You simply look after it for the next generation”.
    10. We believe that testing on our spouses, friends and relatives is better than testing on animals.
    11. We think craftsmanship over volume, we are constantly out of stock, we are sorry for that but not really sorry.
    12. We think the pinnacle of shaving was achieved in 1945 with the refinement of the safety razor, overall shaving has gotten worse since then.
    13. We strive for perfection but we know we are not. We are still floored that we have been in business this long, thanks to all of our customers.
    14. We believe the Expos were the best baseball team ever….
    15. We believe a razor is an extension of your hand, it should look good, be balanced and comfortable to shave with.
    16. We think International VAT, Duties and Import Taxes suck….sorry to our international customers, but we do ship to US freight forwarders. As a USA business, we can’t declare a lower value on international shipments…although we have no moral issue against it!

      We are a small shop in Minneapolis USA…we strive to make the perfect safety razor! Reach out if you have questions, we are happy to help!