Customer Reviews:




Excellent finish and shave quality.

Mark D. - June 13 2024




Sean hit it out of the park with this razor. It's one of the most beautiful razors ever created and I appreciate that he let me pick my own greek mythology character to put onto the base plate. I now own five Carbon razors and can't wait to see what Sean's creative mind comes up with next.

Clothilde - June 3 2024



Excellent and beautiful built quality. smooth and mild blade feel is comfortable and efficient for head shave. fantastic audio feedback from the razor. low profile razor head geometry, light weight design, and the beautifully contoured razor handle provide easy reaching of perfect shaving angle. love it!

Long - May 29 2024




This is a beautifully made razor that provides outstanding shaves. I have the original base plate. I prefer a more aggressive razor, and this one does a great job on my stubble.

Rob. - May 27 2024




Excelente terminación, peso y suavidad en el corte

Tomas F. - May 27 2024




Excellent workmanship. As usual

Danilo L. - May 20 2024



Another great piece!

John. - March 2024



Fantastic razor and worth every penny!

The 904L aesthetics and design are combined with exceptional craftsmanship, amazing engineering and outstanding build quality. The polish is flawless which just adds to the overall look and feel of the razor. It feels as good in the hand as it looks! The razor offers excellent shaving performance. I went with the "+" plate. In my opinion, it is the perfect balance between efficiency and comfort. Most certainly a daily driver! It is built to last a lifetime and is a worthwhile investment. I’m very pleased with this purchase. It’s everything I hoped it would be. Thank you Sean!

Scott B. - March 5 2024



Stunning Razor | .88 (+) plate

The Cx-Ti/Web really shocked we with how good it is. It’s very light even compared to 3 other titanium razors in my collection. This razor is efficient yet smooth, light but exudes quality. It’s extremely audible as it cuts hair, adding yet another layer of feedback during your shave. The audible feedback allows you to adjust angle and pressure for a perfect shave the first time you use it. If you’ve ever had a shave with a shavette, this razor feels like that. It’s like the razor disappears and all you’re cutting with is the blade. I absolutely love it! If you’re on the fence, stop procrastinating and just buy it.

Scott K. - December 30 2023



Smooth satisfaction

I just received it, tried it immediately, the shave went smoothly, it was efficient, effective and gave a really great shave without being too aggressive. Even when you are just loading in a blade, those threads are like butter, and the knurling on the handle, so good. I love it. It's very very well made.

Lars V. - November 14 2023



Carbon CX Samurai : a dream came true

I've been on the Samurai's waiting list for a very long time and i was almost loosing hopes to get one when Sean contacted me writing he had one available. Onestly i wasn't so sure to grab it because the high price, but now i can say it worths every single dollar: my CX Fuma has a mild plate and it became immediatly my favourite even if i have several high bend artisan razors: it works perfectly on my skin: it has a perfect balance and a great grip. From the hestetic point of vew it is letteraly a piece of art and the long and very difficoult process to cast the materials to forge it always entregue me and now i can see the wonderfull result. the CX samurai's patina is something unique.... thanks alot Sean and....To the next....

Gianguido - October 05 2023



Truly Effortless

I own many razors, but carbon has done something right that no one else has done… they got it right the first time. I own 3 carbons and all preform like a dream. This was my first titanium razor and will be my last. I have not need to buy other brands at this point nor do I need all the razors I’ve collected over the years. This my friends is the razor the “GOAT” as some would say. It does everything right, it’s a work of art, and truly that last razor you will own. It makes me want to shave everyday which I finally can now. Other competitors have never done that for me as I thought maybe I have sensitive skin. This razor proved me wrong. It was never my skin but the razor that wasn’t compatible with me. Give this razor a try and I promise you won’t regret owning a carbon or in my case multiple. Thanks again to the creators here at Carbon and personally Sean who has always been there to help me in need with any questions and or guidance!!!

Garrett K. - September 24 2023



Quick note on the Carbon Razor

This razor has become my go to razor that I always want to use and I have many high end razors but none of them had me wanting to use them exclusively. Just wanted to share this feedback with you. I have also been swapping between the Original and the ++ plate and both are excellent shavers. You really did and outstanding job with this one.

Mike S.- June 13 2023



Beautiful and functional craftsmanship

Safety razor is beautifully made, aesthetics meets function. I was looking for a premium efficient razor and the ++ blade did the trick. It’s very effective on removing 2-3 days beard without irritation on the skin, paired with a Kai blade it has become my favorite and smoothest razor since joining this hobby. On top on that the customer service is outstanding, I had an issue with the stand and it was resolved promptly. Happy customer here, keep doing a fantastic job!

Sergio Rodriguez- January 18 2023



Absolute beauty

These are nothing less than sexy! Love my Cx Graphite Ti and my Cx SS 316! The smooth darker finish and a tad bit of rainbow is awesome! Absolutely top notch quality and finish!! Impeccable! I opted for the .88mm with a little less blade feel for my every other day shave and the .71mm for a nice mild shave when I occasionally need the daily shave. I like a positive blade feel but not too aggressive, so these 2 base plates have worked well for me. Love my Carbon razors!

William Hill - December 08 2022



Superb engineering

This is a superbly engineered precision instrument of the highest calibre and delivers a sublime shave. A previous review compared it to a Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500m? That watch is a mass produced, mass market sold mainly in shopping malls. The Carbon is the exact opposite of this type of manufacturing process. A good comparison would be hand made watches from Patek Philippe and Glashutte Original.

Pete  - August 26 2022




Very nice

Gar.  - August 12 2022



Quality material, quality design and quality results.

I started wet shaving 5 years ago. My collection (4) of razors is rather small and I was looking to add another to my small collection. I had price resistance, but considering my appreciation for high quality, I finally went for it. Wow! This is an amazing shaving tool that produces a close and very comfortable shave. The design and engineering is superb…the geometry, blade angle, and exposure are spot on. Those that are first time buyers (like myself) from Sean, there isn't a need to worry about the quality of Carbon Shaving's work. It is a beautiful looking razor, in fantastic condition, and perfectly functional. Quality material, quality design and quality results. My razor was sent in a very timely manner. Thank you once again Sean for a very pleasant purchasing experience.

Scott B.  - July 28 2022



Best DE Razor & Design on Market

This is my 3rd Carbon Razor, I have Ti, SS, Apex Damascus hands down to Sean to his excellence in Craftsmanship and design.. I’m really intrigued by his Carbon razors that I sold few in my Den to obtain my little Carbon Colection that I can enjoy and pass on to my son.. Packaging / Design/ Quality / Customer Service 10/10 Yes not Cheap but You Pay what you get like a Swiss Watch 👍🏼 Best Regards Alan H.

Alan H. - April 29 2022



Perfect size and weight

A stylish razor needs a stylish stand to protect it and show it off. This does the job admirably; perfectly balanced, high-shine to match the razor and not oversized, overweight and over-engineered like the one designed for the Rex Ambassador.

Keith O. - April 26 2022



amazing !

Entered DE safety razor shaving after a gap of around 40 years. I got the mild base plate. I shave beard and head. I finally plucked up the courage to use a Feather blade. I think this combo is perfect. I love seeing this thing upright in its Ti stand. It really is a jewel. It helps me honor myself as a man - the care of the design and precision of execution make for a superb experience. Amazing.

Peter M. - March 20 2022



Best Ti Razor on Market

I have few Top Notch DE Razors in my Den and I have to say this is buy far The Best DE Razor I seen Yet. My Carbon CX . 68 Ti with Carbon Fiber Handle with the weight of 32 gr I was more than impressed, it’s design, and polish on Ti material is hard to achieve to perfection Carbon has done it, the way plate is done with chevron rinsing channels and to mention their new Web Plates is another level of achievement hands down..Kudos to Sean. Overall I highly Recommend Carbon razors it’s packaging and overall quality I give 10/10.. This will make a highly collectible DE Razors to pass on generation and appreciate its Craftsmanship.

Alan H. - March 18 2022



The Timelessness of of the Cx-316L Stainless Steel Safety Razor

I find it better to write about any product after some time, where time is constant for all of us yet there are those products that when handled, experienced, and are desired such that feel timeless. I would say that marine-grade stainless steel in my Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500m, an automatic Calibre-16 that delivers never ending time has just been matched by the Cx-316L/Web Safety Razor. The experience from just handling it, the knurling, the polishing and precision of this instrument is of a watchmaker's caliber. Where I struggled to have a pain free shave, with the right geometry of a "mild-plate", the wet shave experience with CarbonShavingCo's amazing razor has transformed my anxiety to a welcoming activity. Amazing to look at, fantastic to use and superb workmanship - this is the only razor for me!

Chris - February 24 2022



Simple but effective

What a lovely little item this is. Proof that a good design doesn't need to be complicated to be effective. Top quality leather, buttery soft and the razor and accessories (blades or alternative base plate) are kept nicely together.

Keith - February 23 2022



A knife that can be purchased for permanent use.

Thank you Sean for the introduction, if you have sensitive skin and your beard is not very thick, you need to shave every day (Asian face) cx-titan. 71 is reliable without any tingling. I have used a few knives, the TIMELESS RAZOR Ti.68.. is also a good knife, but the cx-titan .71 does not require special attention and can be used easily. Of course, to me the Rex Envoy is also a good representation of a knife, aggressive, but use it with care. Nice to see .cx-titan this big knife. For friends who don't know how to choose the bottom plate, a little reference. Sorry for bad English, use automatic translation.

徐士淵 - February 20 2022



5 Star!

Truly next level razors! I purchased two different base plates (Original and +) with mine and very glad I did. Two different types of shaves and when I change up between the Gillette and Feather blades I have even more flexibility! Keep up the great work..

JP - January 7 2022




I had some discussions with the owner to create a special piece I chose the + plate and I already have 2 of his other razors which are awesome so the shave is the same as the custom piece. The difference is in all the details of the entire razor!!! The entire razor is done in Damascus at a incredible level. I paid $999 for a razor and have no regrets I own 20 high end razors including 5 wolfman and let me assure you the detail on the Carbon is 1000% beyond any razor I own. I realize that is a large amount for a razor. The best way I can explain it to say I purchased a Rolls Royce vs. Cadillac. I will tell you in razor you purchase from Carbon is worth every penny if it’s going to be your last or just buying something like I did to just to have a piece of pure artisan handmade luxury!!!

Aaron H - December 30 2021



CX-316L/WEB and R3 handle

I received my much anticipated CX- 316L Web head on a R3 SS/Carbon handle razor today. Of course I had to just look at it first because I’ve never had a razor anything like this. The web baseplate and the combination of SS and carbon fiber in the handle is an awesome twist that really lightens this razor. The polish is superb as well. I did my usual 2 pass shave with touch up on 4 days of beard growth with my CX and a Personna Hospital ( Lab Blue ) blade. I liked the feedback on the first pass and after the second pass and a little touch up I was feeling my BBS shave. I will say it was very efficient and smooth. I’ve had every artisan razor except a Wolfman, but I’ve never had a desire for one. I’ve sold every other razor but one other and now my CX appears to be my new ‘sheriff in town’. Thank you Sean for this masterpiece of a razor! Jeff

Jeff - December 27 2021




Desde su adquisicion en 2020, se ha convertido en mi preferida, uso habitualmente la placa base +, acabo de adquirir el handle de carbono en 316 L para usar la placa base ++, la cual uso de forma esporadica, en ambos casos es una maquina suave y tremendamente efectiva, aun por encima el trato ofrecido por Sean es exquisito y muy amable. Si eres adicot al afeitado es una maquina imprescindible

Tomas - December 4 2021



316 Web

This is my second CX razor and it is fantastic. I opted for the + plate as I am an every other day shaver and wow it works great. The web base plate is nice and light and also allows the soap or cream to pass through with ease. I’ve never had a razor clogging problem but this thing just sheds the lather on its own. It works well and rinses out very easily during a shave. Another great product from Sean and great customer service as well. This guy knows what he is doing. Support American made products that will last a lifetime.

Mike - September 5 2021



A very handy razor/blade sheath

I am thrilled with the quality, craftsmanship and ingenuity of this razor/DE blade sheath. I really appreciate the minimalist design yet it securely holds a razor and a tuck of DE blades. The leather smell is amazing too. I highly recommend this product.

Nick C - August 9 2021




Nothing less than a precision instrument for your shaving, designed for absolute functionality for the task in hand. Accurate balance & handling which is so intuitive, giving you total control from the moment you pick it up. This is what a perfect d/e razor looks like.

N0gZ - July 3 2021



Stylish, Smooth and Efficient

This razor hits so many notes for me; It looks amazing, the 2 tone look of the handle. The carbon fiber and titanium metal looks so clean. The knurling is very good, this handle will not slip out of your hand. The positioning of the knurling also suits the way I hold my razors. It's super light weight and maneuverable. Allows me to move the razor however I want. I never feel I need to add more pressure to my strokes. Smooth yet efficient. Ultra smooth shave yet still has some blade feel so you know it is cutting. I could be done in 2 passes but I enjoy using the razor so much I do 3 anyways. I used the included Gillette Nacet blades for the first few shaves when I received it, for me the Nacet is okay but not as smooth around my moustache region. My standard go to blades Personna Reds/Med Prep and Voskhod were smooth as butter.

Kevin N - May 21 2021



Everyone should have it.

Thank you Sean for the opportunity to own such a superior shaving tool. This is the best money can buy. The .71mm shave is incredibly soft and effective. This forces me to make a new purchase and be sure to have .68mm. Thank you.

Nikolay - May 20 2021



Magnificent razor

I have had my eye on this razor because I love a good American made product. The only thing holding me back was price, because it is expensive. You get what you pay for with this razor which is very high quality. I opted for the original base plate with the positive blade exposure and .68mm blade gap which is a very nice medium aggressive shave. I also opted for the 316L handle because I like some weight and heft to my razors. I paired this razor with a brand new Perma-sharp super DE blade and I got an amazing shave. I have an above average thick beard that is VERY course and this glided through 3 days growth with no issue at all. The razor has a nice weight to it that only requires the weight of the razor to cut through your whiskers. I highly recommend this razor and it is on par with my other higher end razors, Rex Ambassador and Karve Christopher Bradley razor. I would give this razor a small leg up for presentation though. While the other two razors have more of a matte/bead blasted finish, this has a nice polish finish that makes it look a little more elegant and high class. Obviously this is subjective but figured I’d give my opinion. Overall, this is a great buy and I am very happy with this razor. Great job by Carbon shaving. I also received very good customer service from Carbon shaving. If you are thinking about this razor, save your money and you won’t be disappointed.

Mike - May 11 2021



Best of World

After a few weeks of use, i'm absolutely convinced of the cx-titan. It's the best razor i have. The feel of the blade and the sound when it glides over the skin. I love it.

Kurt - May 7 2021



Worth every penny

This razor is awesome and I enjoy the ++ plate. I have really sensitive skin that hates me if I make ATG passes; that is until I tried this razor. I still have minor irritation (bad technique), but with enough practice I think I found my lifelong razor. I highly recommend everyone try a carbon razor. It doesn't have to be a Ti model, but these are worth every penny . The only downside is that this makes me want to buy another baseplate

Ross - March 11 2021




I thought about purchasing this wonderful tool for quite a while, I shouldn’t have done! This razor is not only beautiful But gives an amazing shave. Gentle but oh! So efficient, no irritation and yet shaves as close as most men will ever need. In fact most will be amazed! I was and I own about twelve safety razors, I won’t disappoint anyone. It’s the razor I have been searching for. It really is that good! I am a seasoned safety razor user and have shaved with most safety razors on sale. This is the best ! I really do look forward to my shave, I’m almost excited. If like me your sitting on the fence, don’t just get one! After my first shave I kept looking at the razor in almost disbelief, but the next day was just the same. Customer service is perfect. It’s fantastic!

J Manning. - February 21 2021




I would always tell anyone that would listen that the Carbon Ti is the best razor in the market...until I bought the Atlas which is outstanding in every way. It is super light which makes it extremely maneuverable. Provides an absolute BBS 2 pass shave every time is use it. Can’t say enough good things about this razor...I have the 316, Ti and now CX-Atlas and I have to say the Atlas is my go to razor. Still love the original Ti but I definitely grab the Atlas a lot more!

Eric Y. - February 19 2021



Wonderful razor

I would always tell anyone that would listen that the Carbon Ti is the best razor in the market...until I bought the Atlas which is outstanding in every way. It is super light which makes it extremely maneuverable. Provides an absolute BBS 2 pass shave every time is use it. Can’t say enough good things about this razor...I have the 316, Ti and now CX-Atlas and I have to say the Atlas is my go to razor. Still love the original Ti but I definitely grab the Atlas a lot more!

Eric Y. - February 19 2021



Wonderful razor

Wow!! Just got here. There is little to be said. Beautiful, aesthetically, even better to use, I couldn’t wait for it to come. I bought the cx – 316L model because I prefer steel as a material, although I have to admit that all available models are wonderful. That's the kind of razor I wake up in the morning, call you and send you to get rid of! Real unique, as the only producers are, organised and not even in four useful days of work! For me, the best. Greetings from Italy 🇮🇹.

Fabrizio Fini - February 13 2021



Simply Outstanding

The Carbon Cx-Ti is absolute perfection. Build quality is stunning. More importantly the shave is next level. I purchased the Standard Base Plate, and absolutely love the positive blade exposure. The combination of weight, blade exposure, and blade gap delivers a shave like none before. I have to say, I’m a little sad the search for the perfect razor seems to be over.

Eric D. - December 31 2020




This was my first Ti razor. It is beautifully made. I bought two plates, the regular and the ++. The shave is very easy with either plates. Carbon was also a pleasure to deal with, with very good communication. If you think you'd like a super light razor, then this is a beauty.

Barry - November 10 2020



Best titanium razor in the market

I got the CX-Titan(polished base plate)with two base plates 0.68 and 0.88 the craftsmanship is just excellent the shave is top notch smooth and efficient this razor becomes my favourite... Great customer service as well !!!

Ahmed A. - October 22 2020


Best razor in the den....BY FAR!!

I don’t know why or how but EVERY TIME I shave with this razor I get a perfect shave...regardless of blade. I always use an alum block after every shave and typically have a zing or two. I have used this razor dozens of times and have never felt a single zing after the shave....never got a weeper, just a smooth comfortable shave. If you think this razor looks good, it performs even better!! I will be buying the stainless when back in stock.

Eric Y. - September 19 2020



World Class...

I waited a bit to really get some time in with the Cx-Ti. And honestly, all the reviews below say it all. The Cx-Ti is a superbly made razor to exacting tolerances for a superb feel in the hands. Light yet proportionately weighted and extremely well balanced. I’ve tried both the + & ++ plate and the shaves are very satisfying. My favorite is the ++ plate as it gives the Cx-Ti some extra ooomph while still being extremely smooth and soft on the skin. This razor is the real deal gentlemen. If you’re considering jumping into the exotic alloy of uber luxury razors, the Cx-Ti should be placed and considered in ones real short list of razors to consider & acquire. Customer service is of elite status. Every question and concern I had was courteously and quickly responded to. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Bravo Carbon, Bravo....

Augustine J. - August 29 2020



Best razor I have!

This razor is phenomenal! I can't believe how good this razor feels in hand and how good of a shave it gives. I can't wait to try the other base plates when they become available! This will not be my last Carbon razor!

Curtis J. - August 19 2020



Great, but Fantastic with all Three Plates

I was rocking the regular Cx-316L with the .68 plate, then I got the + .88, and ++ 1.08 plates to adjust after each pass. Fantastic. Can't praise this razor enough. The sign of a really great razor design is if it can take any blade. This bad boy smoothed out a Derby Lion.

BigD - July 14 2020



Like a Swiss watch

My first titanium razor and the first from this company. The razor is beautifull made, finish is outstanding and it's crazy light. Balance and grip are perfect, what translates to great agility. This razor is well worth the price. Furthermore I have to mention the great customer service from Sean, it's very much appreciated. I'm afraid this won't be my last Carbon shaving razor.


Igno - June 22 2020



A-A-Awesome Razor

I LOVE this razor! My first titanium, and to be honest I was a little timid ordering due to my fear it might be too aggressive, my previous favorites were the Feather AS-D2 and Gillette Fat Boy. But my fears were unfounded. This razor is definitely more efficient that the above, but not aggressive at all. It is so efficient I often stop with one pass and forego pass #2. I love the blade feel and the feel of my face after using the CX-Ti. It is now my primary daily shaver!


William - June 04 2020



A Joy to Use and Own

This razor is beautifully made. You can just stare at it. It’s crazy light as well. I’m used to heavier steel or brass razors so I wasn’t sure how it would feel in use. I also prefer aggressive razors. Typically a Charcoal Goods Level 3 daily three-pass shave. So I was a bit concerned the Ti Carbon would be too mild. The Ti Carbon was a joy to use. Its lightness translates to incredible agility. While it’s not as aggressive as the CG, it gave me an bbs 3-pass shave with a single feather blade over 7 days of use, with enough blade feel for precise positioning. And I didn’t have to be as careful as I have to with the CG L3. Now, I rotate weekly through 3 different CG L3 razors, and my Ti Carbon. It’s that good. And get the stand - it’s gorgeous.


Adam - May 17 2020



Wonderful 2 pass BBS

I have been using the Carbon razor for quite some time but always wanted a step up in efficiency. The ++ baseplate is the answer, it is consistently giving me a 2 pass BBS and is as smooth as the original.


Mark - May 15 2020



Lightweight Amazing Razor

Just received this thing of beauty and what a joy to use. First off the finish is outstanding with zero flaws. Perfect balance and at 52 grams and a wonderful grip this razor does its job and how. The blade gap is only .68 but because of its positive blade exposure the razor mows down beard with ease. What I was left with is a very close and smooth face that will last until the next morning to do it all over again. I can't wait for tomorrow.


slantman - April 17 2020



Made a very good razor Great

I enjoyed my SS Carbon but having it in titanium gave it just a smoother, softer face feel. I love this razor!

Mark - April 14 2020



Model Cx-316L (R2 Handle)

Бритва супер. Естетично виглядає бездоганно. Бриє ще краще. Виріб в роботі просто чудовий. Я дуже задоволений що купив цю бритву на Україну. Дякую компанії за роботу. Круто. Razor super. It looks aesthetically perfect. Shaves even better. The product at work is simply wonderful. I am very pleased to have purchased this razor in Ukraine. Thank you company for your work. Cool.

Yaroslav - April 01 2020




How do I start this review, I guess buy saying WOW. I have a few razors in my collection. A couple high end ones as well. I have used this razor a few times now and each time I am just amazed at the shave I get from this razor. It is a mid aggressive razor with phenomenal feedback, just enough blade feel and smoothness to sometimes wonder at times if there is even a a blade in it. This razor is a perfectly balanced as well. All I can say is out of all my razors I am always reaching for this one. If you have thought about getting this razor but for some reason you haven’t pulled the trigger. Let me just say, what are you waiting for... go ahead and pull that trigger with confidence. Sean has great customer service and a great product. 😉

John b - Feb. 13 2020



I've shaved with this razor (face/head) around 7-8 times and every time I get done with my shaves, I think WOW! I didn't think there could be a perfect razor, but the CX-316L is the closest I've come to one. The perfect amount of blade feel, but not aggressive (it's definitely a mid-aggressive razor). Before I got the razor, I thought I was going to have a problem with the R2 handle, but it's probably one of the best handles I've used. Since getting the razor, I've gotten perfect shaves and my skin looks amazing! Carbon Shaving Co first caught my eye because it's a Minnesota company and I thought how cool it was to have a local artisan in the State I lived in, but Sean knows his stuff! He offers amazing customer service and creates razors that meet his standards. I've been fortunate enough to own or try some pretty high end razors and the Carbon razor is definitely in my top 3, if not my number 1! You can buy with confidence from Sean! You will not be disappointed!

Nate B - Feb. 03 2020



Cx-316L: A perfect daily driver

The Cx-316L with R2 handle just arrived recently. Fit and finish are extremely good. First shave with a Feather blade provided a damn fine shave. Yes, the razor is on the more expensive side but I appreciate that it‘s an artisan shavegear fully designed and made in the US. It‘s well worth the price. The razor stand is a nice compliment to the razor. Furthermore I have to mention the great customer service from Sean. It‘s very much appreciated. If you're looking for a high end DE razor that will last forever providing an excellent performance,  the Cx-316L is the one to go for.

Sven - Jan. 13 2020



Decade long search finally over....

After trying hundreds of razors over the last decade, the Cx-316L arrived at my door. After the first use, I looked in the mirror and said to myself “this is impossible.....” The first shave with this razor led to the best shave of my life. Subsequent shaves produced the same result. I couldn’t believe it. The original R1 handle is remarkably well balanced and very comfortable. The titanium handle is the perfect weight and a joy to look at and use. The slim profile of the head is utter perfection.

For the last several months, the Cx-316L has been the only razor I have reached for, and quite frankly, I don’t see this changing. Ever. My search for the exit razor has ended.

Bravo, Sean.

Chris - Nov. 27 2019


30 Day review

It has been 30 days since I received my razor. I have shaved with it about 15 times and each time I grow to like it more and more. The razor itself is astonishing, it is designed very well. The handle design, I found makes it super easy to shave up the face and the thin design of the head makes it easy to get a close shave under the nose. The packaging when I received the razor was great. I highly recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a great heirloom razor. I will definitely be using this razor for a long time to come.

Matthew - Sep. 08 2019



Had my first shave with this razor today. Truly a work of art, perfectly balanced and exceptionally smooth shaving experience. Sits between R41 and R89 in term of aggressiveness. On top of this, customer service is second to none.


Add this to the growing list of exceptional U.S. made heritage brands that are proving there is a market for outstanding quality in a disposable world. The fit and finish of this razor are as great as the pictures show, but the real headline here is the quality of shave. I actually received this razor as a gift and with it being my first to not have 3-6 blades I was a little skeptical as to how practical it would be, boy was I wrong. I get virtually the exact same quality of cut with this razor as I did with my old expensive cartridges. Overall I’m super happy with this razor and I’m looking forward to what else Carbon has in store.