Frequently Asked Questions About Carbon Shaving Co.

How do I take care of my Carbon Shaving Cx safety razor?

A simple rinse with fresh water followed by a bath in alcohol (or Barbaside) will be enough to keep your razor clean so you can have a clean, close shave on an everyday basis. A periodic soak in warm water, brush with a soft toothbrush, and dish soap works well, I talk in more detail about cleaning and polishing your razor here

How do I change the blades on a safety razor?

Never touch the sharp edges of a safety razor blade! Always hold the razor blade as shown below:

Safe way to hold a double edge safety razor blade

Unscrew the handle of the safety razor and carefully insert a new razor blade between the base plate and the cap. Then screw the handle back on, making sure the blade is securely in place and the base plate is in the right way. I talk more about using a safety razor here

How do I store my safety razor between shaves?

Try to store your safety razor in a dry place, we make our safety razors out of 316L stainless or Titanium (resistance to corrosion) so if you store it wet you won’t do any damage to our razors but the blades can rust. For health and cleanliness reasons store in a dry place. Regardless make sure to rinse with fresh water after your shave to keep it clean.

Why are your safety razors so expensive?

Our pieces are expensive because we make a superior product for the following reasons: 1) We use premium materials including 316L marine grade stainless steel, Titanium and some exotic material including Mokume, stainless steel damascus and Titanium Damascus 2) We finish our pieces with a high polish finish unlike chrome plating, bead blasting or a machine finish(not finished). Each of our pieces is hand finished as a final step. We talk more about finishing here.

What base plate level is right for me?

We offer 4 base plate levels at Carbon Shaving Co:

Original Base Plate

This was our first design configuration, what makes this plate unique is the added blade feel. It has a .68mm blade gap with positive blade exposure. This design offers a lot of user control with this exposure and gap configuration. For a milder shave, you can change the angle or “ride the cap” for sensitive parts like the neck. For other areas, you can still have a good amount of efficiency. I would not recommend this one if you have sensitive skin. If you have coarse hair this could be a nice choice.

-/Mild Base Plate

If you have sensitive skin, prefer a less blade feel, have fine hair, or just enjoy a mild shave, this is the one. Head shavers have enjoyed this one. This plate has our least blade exposure and a .71mm, our smallest blade gap. If you have sensitive skin, straight hair, curly hair, or shave every day, this is a nice option.

+ Base Plate

We reduced the blade exposure from the original but increased the gap to .88mm. This is a nice option if you prefer less blade feel, yet still enjoy a higher efficiency in a razor. This plate is also a nice option if you have dense hair or only shave every 2-3 days...if you are unsure what base plate is right for you, this is probably the one. You still have a good amount of user control with the positive blade exposure to adjust the efficiency with technique and blade choice.

++ Base Plate

This one is for those who like a very efficient option. This plate is still with positive blade exposure but has less exposure than the + Base Plate. This razor has a larger 1.08mm gap. If you have coarse hair, shave every 4-5 days, have a beard that needs maintaining(periodic neck shave) or just like an efficient razor, this would be the one.

Below is a diagram of the relative blade gaps and blade exposures:

What is the best plate for Carbon Shaving Co

I talk more about our plates and shaving tips here...blade choice will also swing the experience, here is more detail on blade choice.

What is the most aggressive safety razor base plate you have?

None of our base plates are overly aggressive but the “Original” with its added blade feel/exposure and the ++ with the larger gap would be our most aggressive/efficient base plates.

What is the mildest safety razor base plate you have?

The Mild/- base plate would be our mildest option. We offer this configuration with all our Cx safety razors.

Are your safety razors made in the USA?

Yes, we machine and finish all our safety razors right here in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

What razor blade works best?

It really depends on your base plate and your preference but our customers really like the Kai, Gillette Nacet, Gillette Blue, and Astra Green razors. Each of these has a unique feel, I talk more about razor blades here.

What safety razor is best for women?

Similar to men choosing the best safety razor depends on personal preferences, budget, and experience level. Here are some considerations:

1) Frequency

How often you shave will have a material effect on what base plate to choose. We suggest the + plate if you shave 1 time per week or every 2 weeks. The mild if you shave every day or every few days.

2) Material

If you are looking for a product that will last, look for premium material for a high-quality razor such as 316L Marine grade stainless steel or Titanium. Women tend to prefer a lighter razor...titanium is a very light material that is extremely resistant to water and a humid environment.

3) Aggressiveness

Most marketing would say that women prefer a milder razor but from our experience, especially for shaving under the armpits, a more aggressive safety razor will exfoliate, remove deodorant and shave hair! The legs however prefer a milder experience...the + plate is a nice option for women. Sorry, we don’t make them pink! Don’t feel you need to get 2 plates, blade choice will give you enough range depending on what you are shaving. The Nacet is a very smooth blade(for legs), while the Kai blade will add some efficiency(Arm pits).

4) Price

A chrome-plated razor or a cheaply finished razor (not polished) will be much less expensive. Our razors are heirloom pieces and will last a few lifetimes if you are looking for quality.

Remember your grandmother likely shaved with a safety razor! Utimately, the best safety razor is the one that feels the most comfortable and provides the closest, most irritation-free shave for your skin and hair type. It's important to do your research and read reviews before making a purchase to ensure you choose a razor that meets your needs and preferences.

What Carbon Shaving Co. base plate is right for my hair type ?

When using our Cx safety razor, the technique for shaving remains consistent, but there are a few considerations to keep in mind for different skin types:

Sensitive Skin:

If you have sensitive skin, it's crucial to take some extra precautions to minimize irritation and redness. Use a mild and fragrance-free shaving cream or gel to reduce the risk of skin reactions. Shave with the grain (in the direction of hair growth) to minimize irritation, and avoid applying too much pressure. Consider our milder/- base plate with a Nacet blade.

Dry Skin:

All our plates will work for dry skin, it more depends on how often you shave and your preference. If your skin tends to be dry, it's important to hydrate and moisturize your skin before and after shaving. Take a warm shower or apply a warm towel to your face before shaving to soften the hair and open up the pores. Use a shaving cream or gel that contains moisturizing ingredients to provide extra hydration. After shaving, apply a moisturizer or aftershave balm to lock in moisture and soothe the skin.

Oily Skin:

Similar to dry skin with oily skin all our plates will work depending on your preference, you’ll find blade choice is just as an important consideration. Oily skin can benefit from proper cleansing before shaving. Use a gentle cleanser to remove excess oil and dirt from the skin. Avoid heavy or greasy shaving creams or gels, as they can further contribute to oiliness. Instead, opt for lightweight, water-based products. Rinse your face thoroughly after shaving and consider using an oil-free moisturizer to maintain balance.

Combination Skin:

If you have combination skin with both dry and oily areas, you can tailor your shaving routine accordingly. Use a mild cleanser to cleanse your face and focus on moisturizing dry areas before shaving. For oily areas, consider using a lightweight shaving cream or gel and rinsing thoroughly after shaving. Adjust your post-shave moisturizer based on the specific needs of different areas of your skin.

In general, your hair type is more important unless you have sensitive skin, I talk more about hair type here. Regradless it's important to use a sharp and clean blade, shave gently(with as little pressure), and avoid going over the same area repeatedly to prevent irritation. Be mindful of your skin's reactions and adjust your shaving routine as needed to maintain healthy and comfortable skin. Explore different soaps depending on your skin type but be aware that you do want a certain amount of slickness in your shaving soap or shaving cream, especially if you have dry skin.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 30-day return questions asked. Return your product to:
Carbon Shaving Co
2521 W 40th St.
Minneapolis MN 55410
Here is more detail on our return policy.



Misc. At CarbonShavingCo notes: Wet shaving is a bit of an art form. It is personal to your skin type, which dictates the type of soap and shaving brush you will be using. Opting between a straight razor or safety razor (disposable razors won't be the best of experiences at all). The use of some hot water to open up your pores and soften the facial hair is a good thing. When it comes to skin conditions, such as sensitive skin, razor bumps, and at times hair growth in multiple directions extra care and consideration must be taken and avoid razor burn caused by dry shaving, lack of lubrication, wrong direction, ingrown hairs, etc. At CarbonShavingCo, the construction and design of our razors aims to allow you to shave with a tool that can be bacteria-free as much as possible to help avoid allergic reactions by being polished with easy to clean surface, the design maximizes the flow of debris, the pinch design reduces gaps for the collection of debris and germs, we aim to help people with sensitive skin and prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs. We believe that wet shaving is the best approach with a good shaving soap as opposed to using men's disposable razors. This also applies to safety razors for women. Keeping your gear clean is so important if you are sensitive. Join the community of wet shavers today to learn more so you can enjoy your personal spa experience.

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