Custom: Cx Stand (Damtanium)
Custom: Cx Stand (Damtanium)
Custom: Cx Stand (Damtanium)

Custom: Cx Stand (Damtanium)

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  • Tripod feet and drain hole to allow water to escape and to maximize airflow to help keep your Cx safety razor dry
  • Compatible with all Carbon Shaving Co. handles
  • CNC machined from USA forged Titanium Damascus(Damtanium) - Grades 2 and 5 Titanium
  • Designed, machined and finished in the USA
  • Free shipping (US and Canada only)

Technical Specifications:

    • ~52g total weight (3.2oz)
    • Dimensions:
      • Outside diameter= 1.25"(32mm)
      • Inside diameter/Hole= .52"(13mm)
      • Hole depth=.59"(15mm)
      • Height= .78"(20mm)
      • High Polish Finish/Heat patina - Some machine marks are visible. Some scratches also exist. These can be seen under the stand and when magnified.

* The Damtanium oxide/patina is not permanent, it will wear and rub off depending on your local conditions. We do not coat our Cx can be re-applied or left to age.


    Custom: Cx Stand (Damtanium)