316L shaving base plates custom
Factory Seconds/Returns: Cx-316L Base plate
Factory Seconds/Returns: Cx-316L Base plate
316L shaving base plates custom

Factory Seconds/Returns: Cx-316L Base plate

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These units include pre-owned/refurbished and factory second base plates only(scratch and dents). All base plates are fully functioning units that have been cleaned and inspected. The plates might have bigger marks or scratches then our new products. They also might have small dings. Each unit has its own serial number. If we deem an imperfection is too big we won't sell the unit, instead we give these units to our in-laws.

All units are not returnable, non-refundable and priced accordingly. No photos are shown. Free US and Canada shipping included.

Choose from 1 of 4 available 316L stainless steel base plates. Based on customer feedback, we are excited to now offer some options to customize your shave. We offer 4 options of 316L stainless steel base plates for you to choose from based on your shaving preference.

Technical Specification:

  • Original Base Plate = .68 mm blade gap (Medium/Aggressive)
  • -/Mild Base Plate = .71 mm blade gap (Mild)
  • + Base Plate = .88mm blade gap
  • ++ Base Plate = 1.08mm blade gap
  • ~12.5 grams total weight
  • All base plates have positive blade exposure
  • Polish Finish - Some machine marks are visible. Some scratches also exist. These can be seen on critical dimensions and when magnified.

Some notes to help you pick:

Original Base Plate -  This is our current design configuration. It’s still my personal favorite and has a .68mm with positive blade exposure. This design offers a lot of user control with positive blade exposure. For a milder shave, you can change the angle or “ride the cap” for sensitive parts like the neck. For other areas, you can still have a good amount of efficiency.

- Base Plate(NEW) -  This is our newest base plate. If you have sensitive skin, prefer less blade feel, have fine hair or just enjoy a mild shave, this is the one. Head shavers have enjoyed this one. This plate has our least blade exposure and a .71mm blade gap.

+ Base Plate -  We reduced the blade exposure and increased the gap to .88mm. This is a nice option if you only shave every 2-3 days, as the larger gap allows for this. Early feedback has been positive for those that prefer less blade exposure, but enjoy the efficiency of a larger gap.

++ Base Plate -  This one is for those who like a very efficient option. This plate is still with positive blade exposure, but has less exposure than the + Base Plate. This razor has a larger 1.08mm gap. If you have thick hair and shave every 4-5 days or just like an efficient razor, this would be the one.

316L shaving base plates custom
Factory Seconds/Returns: Cx-316L Base plate