Reserved: Cx-Brass (Cap only)

Reserved: Cx-Brass (Cap only)

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Brass Cap only - Handle and base plate not included

The Romans were the first to use brass on a wide scale, although the Greeks were aware of its existence. It was often used in coins, ornamental helmets and in armor. Brass is a copper alloy...

Brass has been used on ships likely since 500 BC, however it was common place on ships by the 1700s. Brass was used in small canons during Nelson's years, a feared weapon due to its accuracy. Covering the hulls of navy ships with brass was done to protect the the hull and give an edge in battle by allowing a ship to sail faster. Initially it was copper sheathing that was used but by 1850 it was a British inventor, George Muntz who pioneered a special brass alloy for sheathing. 

As a tribute to the early sailors, each of our Cx-Brass safety razors is named after a naval ship.

Product Details:

  •     Material: Brass(Grade 360/260)